The 3rd of Three Things We Control

3) Your Environment. The third sphere of control that each of us has is over our environment. As good stewards of our natural environment we control whether we litter or recycle, water the plants or let them wilt. It is under our control to beautify our surroundings or choose to live amongst the clutter. Even the worst of apartments or the smallest work cubicle can be transformed by the person who understands and embraces the control they have.
To remain in a space that drains you of energy or is detrimental to your health is not only foolhardy but is surrendering to powers that don’t really exist. In very few situations is anyone subjected to rules that don’t allow a person to adjust their surroundings to allow for additional comfort or to improve their work environment.

When finances limit a person’s choice of places to call home there still remains the ability to bring sunshine into a dark place, and joy into a dreary situation. A can of paint, a plant or a bucket full of cleaning products all work to exert a person’s control over their environment. Add in friends and neighbors and the transformation can influence a whole community.

There is much in life, in the news, on the internet that can lead a person to want to hide from the ugliness of the world. Our ability to make a meaningful difference in the world may seem miniscule, but when we begin with the primary 3 things that we do have control over, the impossible begins to seem difficult and the difficult becomes possible and the possible becomes reality, in your life and in the lives of the people you touch. And the truth is – your life touches so many other lives.

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