I’m definitely a baby boomer, but so far to the end that while I was hanging onto the coattails, (bell bottoms) of the my hippie friends, many of my high school friends were already being pulled into Gen X.

My goal in this web space is the exchange of thoughts, ideas and emotions for a more narrow age genre,  By it’s title, 60+2, this is a place for those who are close to this stage of life.

60 is for that milestone on the calendar, the young age of 60. That time of life when you look around and realize that, you used to think 60 year olds were ancient, and shocked that you got here alive.

And 2, is the number of years since I had a major health shock. For me it was an unanticipated heart attack.  Of course, what heart attack is ever anticipated?  But medical reports from annual physicals, lifestyle, and just getting my head around the idea – it was just not supposed to happen!

60+2 – a blog post wide open to comments and feedback.  

I also want to offer you a few ‘Pay-as-you-Profit’ books I’ve written.

Pay-as-you-Profit allows you to pay what you will for the materials.  Coupled with Pay-As-You-Can, we allow you to pay as little or as much as you want. Determine your price by the value you receive after reading the material, or by your own ability to balance others with lesser means to pay.

Thanks for stopping by and please visit again soon.  Bookmark this site, and watch us grow – which happens when good folks like you comment and add your thoughts.

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