To all men who call Dane County home,

My guess is that you have thoughts.  You have feelings. No doubt you have opinions, and I suspect that many of us have stories.  I also know from experience, that sharing those stories, (and feelings and thoughts and opinions) is good. Good for me and good for us, to hear one another, and to give voice to what we hold inside.

Here’s what I did.  I reserved the community room at 3 area libraries,  and I’m inviting you to show up.

Here’s what to expect – The room will have ten chairs in a circle.  There will be other chairs. The ten in the middle are Circle Chairs.  Men who choose to sit in the Circle Chairs agree to abide by the rules, which are mostly about listening, and questioning, and sharing,  and confidentiality.

Here’s what you can do – Show up. Agree to sit in a Circle Chair, if what you have to say is helpful, insightful, truthful & entertaining.

Who’s doing this?  I am. My name is Steve,  I’m a father, grandfather, husband and friend. I’ve lived in Madison for 30 years and run a small business.

How to RegisterCall or text.   608/616-5392  Give your name, date and library where you’ll show up. We’ll reserve your spot, either to sit and speak, or come and listen.

Pinney Library 204 Cottage Grove  Dec 20 & Jan 16   7 pm

Sequoya Library 4340 Tokay Blvd   Dec 13 & Jan 18   7 pm

Ashman Library  733 N High Point  Dec 14 & Jan 10   7 pm

Please bring an unopened bag of something good to add to a bowl of trail mix

You can send this attachment to others – or print and hand out – Thanks

Invitation to email and share