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Organization/Stuff Management

Stuff – it fills our life and saps us of vital energy. It can be overwhelming and cause paralysis in our minds and our actions. We waste uncountable amount of time, energy and money due to the mess around us.

If getting a handle on your ‘stuff’ is a perpetual problem chances are it is holding you back in other areas of your life and probably causing pain in your relationships.

A sense of organization is an innate trait – some have it and others not.
Some folks were born with it and others need to learn it, or have a system to follow.

Without boasting and with gratitude to my upbringing (thanks mom) I have found my abilities, gifts and talents at organizing are good if not excellent. Personal studies in various methods have added to my arsenal of techniques and strategies for ‘getting it together’.

If you live within 45 miles of Madison Wisconsin and have need for a helping hand – we need to talk!

Whether it is a garage, home office, workbench or other areas of your male domain, getting things in order will give you a whole new perspective on life and possibilities.

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