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Transformation! not more information

ConsciousImageThe real key to success in love, life, and leadership is not the next book, training program or seminar but learning to apply the timeless wisdom we have already been presented with. Life can be lived in a bigger, more satisfying way not through gaining more information but through personal Transformation.

Transformation is already at work within each of us. Defined as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”, our bodies and minds are constantly transforming due to aging cells and neural pathways being newly formed or dieing from lack of use.

Transformation can be voluntary or involuntary. We can be intentional about the changes we want to have happen in our lives or submit to the laws of chaos and oxidation. We can follow the agendas of Wall Street and Main Street or decide for ourselves what we will allow into our minds, bodies and homes.

The 19th and 20th century have provided us with a plethora of wisdom unmatched in human history. For those living in the first world the access to this growing fountain of knowledge may actually be creating more confusion as we seek out the next guru, the newest book, and the vanguard training program before allowing our current educational endeavor to generate any transformation in our life.

The decision to gain information for the sake of knowledge alone is a worthy goal. But to end up here when the original intention was to become healthier or wealthier, a better lover or communicator, is to sell yourself short. Imagine if only a small amount of the good ideas that have passed through our brains became a part of who we are, a habit that becomes incorporated into our daily living, a character trait that changed the way people see us and we see others. Imagine how that one small idea would transform your life!

Hearing, learning, understanding, implementing and finally assimilating is a process that often requires the encouragement and coaching of an outside force. Our busy lives seldom allow for a do-it-yourself transformation. If we could have done it ourselves we already would have done it.

Decide today that life is too precious to be lived half baked and mediocre. Transformation is the answer to making that “after-seminar-high” a permanent attitude and personality adjustment.

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