Relationships are Life

We are relationship hungry creatures. While some of us enjoy our alone time, and some like to work alone and we all strive for a sense of independence and freedom, bottom line – we need one another. It is the way we are made, to communicate, to associate, to collaborate, to live in Relationship. How well we do this is often the key to how successful we are in so much of life.

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Time In The Woods

utahTree2Brilliance most often occurs in the quiet, in that liminal space between the noise and the confusion. By intentionally silencing the world around us, our brains are better able to process, creativity is stirred and our unconscious mind provides answers that our conscious mind is unable to formulate.

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Combat Coaching

While many approaches to coaching, personal development and professional growth take a smooth, slow changes, one step at a time approach – there just comes a time when you’ve got to make things happen.

Sympathetic emotions and empathetic words have a place in many situations. But if you’ve been too easy on yourself and your dreams keep slipping away – it may be time to get tough on yourself.

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Circle Talk

circleChairsTen chairs are set in a circle.

The rules are clear of what is expected if you were to take a seat in the circle. Listen first, be ready to tell your story, be ready to answer questions. Ask questions, listen quietly, listen actively. Everything is confidential. Nothing leaves the circle.

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