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Organization for Couples

If you are a partner in a relationship that shares living space than an added dimension/obstacle/advantage has been given to your organizational strategy.

Living with others requires patience, tolerance and understanding when it comes to the ‘stuff’ in our lives. Now we have to have patience, tolerance and understanding of someone else’s habits, messes and ‘stuff’ in addition to our own.

The first rule is a mantra which needs repeating over and over – “People are more important than things.”

Finding a place of compromise when it comes to “things” is as difficult as other compromises – and can sometimes be even more difficult since it traces back to childhood habits and emotional underpinnings.

A third set of eyes on the situation is often the best way to resolve difficulties and strategize methods and systems that satisfy everyone’s needs.

Are you newlyweds just figuring out life together or long time marrieds who still bicker over where things belong? Could the messes and disorganization in your home be driving a wedge in your relationship?

Could Organization / Stuff Management be a good “couples therapy” for your marriage, your home, your life?

Let’s find out!
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