“You are strong enough for another five minutes.”

A sign at the gym read – “You are strong enough for another five minutes.”

How true I thought, but I saw it on my way out, already showered and dressed for the day.

Had I seen that inspiration a half hour earlier I would have given it another 5. Maybe another machine, maybe another rep, maybe another muscle group.

Only later in the day did I recognize that my strength was something I used all day long.

Am I strong enough to stick to my morning project five minutes more before I took a break?

Could I make one more prospecting call? Am I strong enough to get that yard work done instead of relaxing after work today. Am I strong enough to finish reading that book I started so long ago. Do I have what it takes to write that letter to my son that I’ve only been thinking about.

The truth is everyone of us is stronger than we think. We can reach higher, hold our breath longer, push ourselves a little further, challenge ourselves a little more and in the end – Enjoy ourselves and our life a little deeper.

Where would be a good place to push yourself a little further – where would a stretch feel right?

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