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Job Hunting Field Guide

Do you feel like a mouse on a treadmill, searching the internet, reading the want ads, filling out applications and waiting for the phone to ring? Let’s face it
It’s a jungle out there!

Dear Friend,

With the economy barely recovering and unemployment at an all time high its hard to imagine that any company is hiring. But they are!

Everyday people are going to work, starting new jobs – Getting Hired!

These are the winners! They aren’t any smarter or more skilled than the 3,000 other applicants who applied for the job – they just had a better system for the hunt.

In this battle the spoils go not to the strongest but the one who is most prepared to act quickly and is ready to take advantage of each opportunity.

How do you make it to the top and survive the first second and third go around?

How many applications and interviews will it take before you find your next career?

This is no time to sulk and sit back

Drenched in your pity party.

This is time to find out what you are made of.

This is a time to show yourself and your loved ones that you will not be put off by the doom sayers but that you will take intelligent and systematic actions to capture a job and bring home the bacon.

The Job Hunt field Guide is a foundational manual which will help you get equipped, physically emotionally and mentally for the biggest job of your life.

Immediate Download – Instant Access!

You will learn:

  • The most powerful tool for the job hunt
  • Why a Balanced Life is important to your success now and forever
  • How to use assertiveness to become memorable and hired
  • How to track your progress and not let opportunities fall through the cracks
  • If you need a Personal Growth Statement and how to use one
  • Which type of Resume is best for you
  • The Key Elements of a winner resume

Recruiters all over the country are overburdened with job applicants. Their first duty is to sort through all the resumes and applications and TOSS THEM OUT!

That’s right – they aren’t looking for the best they are looking for a simple reason to toss each one away. Only the strong survive. Only the best, completed, memorable, stand out from the group, attention-getting applicants get a chance to interview. If that isn’t you – you may as well go buy a lottery ticket.

In the Job Hunt Field Guide you will learn how to use an incredibly powerful weapon to build top of mind memorable experiences in the mind of the recruiter. This one tool alone can make the difference between bagging the big game and being eaten alive.

Immediate Download – Instant Access!

The importance of a well-crafted resume is crucial (and is covered in the Job Hunt Field Guide) and a killer cover letter is the icing on a cake that needs to be iced. But even with these two documents, the job market is still a jungle and survival skills are crucial if you are going to be a winner

Resume writing services will guarantee your success at landing an interview, after all, they have years of experience writing resumes. But the resume is only one weapon in the arsenal, and it’s the same weapon everyone else is using. To be successful in this hunt, to be successful in your job search will take a solid foundation of skills, habits, and commitment. The Job Hunt Field Guide is your answer to learning and using the actions needed to be a winner.

This book was not written by a writer, journalist, author, or marketer. I have worked in over 25 professions and jobs and only been fired twice. From loading trucks and short-order cooking to professional sales and owning a variety of businesses, I have experienced all sides of employment.

I am an experienced job coach and mentor with over 15 years in the employment business. Having owned my own staffing business I have interviewed 100’s of employers and recruiters, learning what they look for in a job applicant. From no collar to white collar, managers and executives, I have been given the opportunity to mentor and coach them through their career transitions. As the director of a non-profit organization I have taught Life Skills and Job Search Skills to hundreds of ex-prisoners, chronically unemployed people and the disabled.

The Job Hunt Field Guide is a culmination of what I have learned in my own job hunting experiences and in mentoring and coaching others. The most important thing I have learned is that most people are hurting their efforts and the help they get from government agencies and job services only make it worse.

I invite you to order your copy of the Field Guide today. If you follow all the steps laid out, work the program, consistently put forth the effort – You will increase your chances of landing the perfect job for you a thousand times!

To your job hunting success,

Sincerely yours,

Steve Fine

Immediate Download – Instant Access!

P.S. As the economy continues to pick up and companies continue to rehire and rebuild their work forces the cost of the Job Hunting Field Guide will also increase. This low price can not stay low forever.

The Job Hunt Field Guide is crucial to your survival and your hunting success during these tough times.

Beginning your job hunt without the Guide can be fatal!

Immediate Download – Instant Access!

Men can be the Solution

Men can be the Solution

Three topics have consistently been discussed, deliberated and explored during most of my adult life. Three topics that at first glance appear to be unrelated and yet are entwined. Three topics that, while each have their own unique set of problems and solutions, are related at their source.

The myth of the maverick, the lone ranger, the independent male has repeatedly been debunked over the last three decades. Manhood is a team sport and always has been. While men may feel the need to spend time alone for reflection, reenergizing or simply to enjoy solitude, a successful journey through life requires partnerships, friendships and collaboration with others.

Hunting, farming, building are best accomplished shoulder to shoulder. A community of men who keep one another walking a path that does not require excuses, regrets or remorse, because we allow the other men in our lives to give us a nudge, a slap upside the head and a kick in the butt, with our best interests in mind.

Left alone and to themselves, a man will eventually get into trouble, do something stupid and create a secret he can share with no one.

On an almost daily basis we are witness to acts of violence, brought to us in news feeds, with the underlying, unspoken shrug that boys will be boys. The world seems lost on ways to confront such behaviors before they surface, leaving it in the hands of police and therapists.

In scripture we are told that the man is the head of the household. That is a major responsibility not to be taken lightly. A solid marriage and family is the outcome of a man taking this role seriously. Caring for his wife and marriage such that it is holy and without blemish. (Ephesians 5:25-28) Yet, how many of us have left scars and blemishes on our marriage and on our wives? (My hand is raised).

It might be said that as the family and homes go, so does the neighborhood and the community, the city and the country. As we look around we are confronted with the reality that something is broken in our country and the world.

Women and the abuse they have suffered in traditional cultures and the ubiquitous criminal activities of the sex trade are no longer backpage news. Women continue to be objectified in the exploding world of pornography and sexually exploited from refugee camps to the boardroom. There are endless programs and agencies struggling to offer support and assistance to abused women and children from broken families. Trying to pick up the pieces, unable or unwilling to address the cause.

While efforts are made to heal the physical and psychological wounds of abuse and neglect, the impact of such mistreatment is life changing and life long. How can we ignore the fact that the perpetrators of these acts are overwhelmingly men, our gender.

We live in a world of many colors. The richness of the human race is wrapped up in its vast array of cultures, traditions, music, cuisines, clothing and languages. If we trust God in our actions, and not just in our words, we would be working to embrace and immerse ourselves in this sea of humanity. Instead we congregate with those like ourselves and consider everyone else as ‘others’. Others to be suspicious of, to be watched, to be questioned and looked down upon.

I fear we are headed to a future where time and money will be spent to police our communities rather than enhance our lives with progress and advancements.

As a man, a father and husband, a person who holds Christ as my standard bearer, I am ashamed of my gender. I must accept the truth that the lion’s share of the problems that plague the world are generated by men. Men, who, for hundreds of reasons, use their position and strength to bring harm to others.

While men are the source of much of the pain, they are also the solution. Maybe the only real and lasting solution. The willingness to step aside and let women lead. The bravery to call another man’s actions and thoughts into question. The ability to say ‘I’m sorry’ and work to make things right. The courage to point out what is wrong and the fortitude to make necessary changes. The humility to admit not knowing, and being coachable to learn and change.

Are we as men of faith, followers of a teacher who instructs us to love others as ourselves, to instruct our children and cherish our wives, shying away from sharpening iron. Are we dividing the world into the secular and the sacred, claiming to be a part of the latter and allowing the former to fester? Is it festering in us as well as we carefully hide it from our brothers and fail to point it out when we see it in the lives of others? Is there a mask we wear to our bible studies and men’s groups that numbs our ability to see the harm we are allowing to happen around us?

I am not a legalis, quite the opposite. Christ came to free us from the law, to help us rise above the law. That as curators of the Holy Spirit living within each of us, we would act as He did and stand up for righteousness and justice for those around us. That we would practice true religion and feed the hungry, care for the sick, the widow, the orphans and the aliens.

When men are willing to drop their facade and leave their masks behind, their power and ability to create positive change increases ten-fold. When good men come together great things can happen. When men embrace one another, across racial and socioeconomic divides, our world can start to heal. What hope have we, if we choose to do less?

The 3rd of Three Things We Control

3) Your Environment. The third sphere of control that each of us has is over our environment. As good stewards of our natural environment we control whether we litter or recycle, water the plants or let them wilt. It is under our control to beautify our surroundings or choose to live amongst the clutter. Even the worst of apartments or the smallest work cubicle can be transformed by the person who understands and embraces the control they have.
To remain in a space that drains you of energy or is detrimental to your health is not only foolhardy but is surrendering to powers that don’t really exist. In very few situations is anyone subjected to rules that don’t allow a person to adjust their surroundings to allow for additional comfort or to improve their work environment.

When finances limit a person’s choice of places to call home there still remains the ability to bring sunshine into a dark place, and joy into a dreary situation. A can of paint, a plant or a bucket full of cleaning products all work to exert a person’s control over their environment. Add in friends and neighbors and the transformation can influence a whole community.

There is much in life, in the news, on the internet that can lead a person to want to hide from the ugliness of the world. Our ability to make a meaningful difference in the world may seem miniscule, but when we begin with the primary 3 things that we do have control over, the impossible begins to seem difficult and the difficult becomes possible and the possible becomes reality, in your life and in the lives of the people you touch. And the truth is – your life touches so many other lives.

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Things We Control #2

2) Your Relationships. Humans are relational beings. The human heart craves connection. Why else would solitary confinement be such a cruel punishment or the unheld orphan lack basic mental and physical development. The strong independent person still needs a hug, a pat on the back, a warm handshake and an encouraging smile.

Without human contact we lack a sounding board for our thoughts and feelings, feedback to hone our appearance and personality, and comparisons to regulate our self esteem and confidence. But with human contact we encounter the toxicity of others, the lack of boundaries into our personal space and the cruelness of the human heart.

Our ability to control our relationships is one of the three primary controls we have in life. While we can’t pick our relatives we can control their effect on our lives. It is under our control to set up boundaries, choose friends and regulate the purpose and depth of any relationship.

Determining whether a co-worker becomes a personal friend or if ending a business relationship in order to save a friendship is something each of us must decide. Remaining in a relationship that pulls you down and stifles your growth is a choice, a choice that can be changed. Deciding who will enter into your circle of relationships and how far that relationship will go is under your control. Knowing this and exercising your control gives you the freedom venture into unknown territory, to ‘take a chance’ through opportunities to meet new friends and experience new interactions. When you fully accept that it is up to you and under your control you no longer have to hesitate or avoid uncomfortable situations because the discomfort is under your influence. You have decided to be where your presence is needed, and then you decide when it is time to exit. You decide when to say yes and when to say no. But with this understanding of your power to decide and to control comes the responsibility to consider the feelings of others. With compassion and concern, firmness and decisiveness, you can be a strong blessing to those you love and care about. Your confidence is growing and your self esteem is rising.

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There are Only 3 Things I can Control

Three things. When you boil it all down there are really only 3 things that each of us controls in life. And that’s only true if you live in the privileged and affluent parts of our world. For some it is only two or one.

Like the primary colors of red, blue and yellow combine to make the whole rainbow it is these primary factors alone that we have the ability to control. All else is a combination of the three.

Your Emotions. To feel is to be human. When a person is unable to feel sorrow, joy or fear there is often a psychological blockage that needs to be worked through. Avoiding situations that touch us in a deep way – like the death of a loved one, the thrill of an adventure or the risk of reaching out in friendship – can limit the depth that we as humans are able to experience life in its fullest.

Controlling our emotions is not about controlling our feelings. It is a matter of controlling how we respond and react to any given situation.

Between action and reaction, cause and effect, there is a moment of time for the human species in which only thought exists. Animals don’t share this opportunity. Their reactions are instinctive, they respond. But for a human, how we respond to a stimuli is always preceded by an opportunity to consider what our response will be.

Do I lash out with angry words when I am cut off in traffic, or consider the possibilities of what the other person may be facing. When the fire alarm goes off do I run for the door or look around and offer assistance. When an offer for intimacy comes do I consider all the repercussions before replying.

It is in that millisecond of time when I insert thought and logic that I become fully aware and fully in control.

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Why I Coach Men

Because we need it. We don’t think we do, of course not. We were taught to be strong, self sufficient and independent. Suck it up, quit crying, get back up on the horse, you can do it. For some of us those words were spoken in an encouraging tone, for others the tone was harsh, condescending and frightening. And so we sucked it up, quit crying and got back up on the horse. We learned to hide our failures and shortcomings, denying them to others as well as ourselves. Some of us learned to be little men before we had a chance to be boys. Many of us are men who haven’t left the little boy behind yet.

Coaching isn’t about psychology, therapy or an intense exorcism of our past. We are where we are right now because of a myriad of factors. What we do going forward and how we do it is what counts the most right now. Our past will always play a role in those decisions, but will it be a positive influence or a negative anchor? Will our past give us clarity or confusion, will it guide us or control us?

Coaching is another pair of eyes on our life. Have you ever been given the advice to “have someone take another look at it”, “Look it over again in the morning with new eyes” or “See what the others think about this.” Too often our own perception and perspective inhibits our view of the answers we need. It takes another set of eyes to help us uncover the truths we seek, the places our life has gotten off track or out of balance.

As your coach, I journey with you helping to formulate the plans and design the strategies to get things back on the path that leads to your goals and re balance the life you were meant to live. I am your cheerleader, encourager and sometimes offer a gentle kick in the pants.

What is unfortunate and makes little sense is that the stars of our day recognize the need for coaches and readily enlist their services. Top athletes and corporate giants have performance coaches and consultants around them always. But regular guys, whose dreams, goals and needs are just as important and often more so, wait till things are falling apart before seeking help. Coaching is about making bad things good and good things better and better things great!

Mature men recognize that the western male mystic of strong independence is a hoax and that as men we do better and enjoy life more with friends, coaches and companions.

Why do I coach men? Because I know how my life is made richer by the friends I have and coaches I use. I coach men because my passion is to help other men find their passion, find their balance and become the leaders they were created to be. Men who lead their personal lives responsibly, their family life lovingly and their work life ethically.


Do you trust your intuition?

“The leader needs three intellectual abilities that may not be assessed in an academic way: one needs to have a sense for the unknowable, to be prepared for the unexpected, and to be able to foresee the unforeseeable,” so says Robert Greenleaf in his book The Power of Servant Leadership.
Sounds like a tall order, almost like a description of a super hero right out of the comic book pages. But a second reading reveals that at sometime in all of our lives we are that super hero.

Who are you leading? A company department, a small business, your family, yourself? Your ability, and your willingness to step up, trust your intuition and make a decision for you and those who look to you for direction defines your leadership.

Ralph Waldo Emerson talks of a ‘Blessed Impulse’, listening to that inner voice and going with it, all voices to the contrary. Is that the still small voice, the almost silent whisper that we grow to trust to be God whispering in our ear? How often do you ‘go with it, all other voices to the contrary’?

Taking leadership, regardless of the position you hold, requires a certain amount of abandonment. Taking a risk. In so many places people are looking for (someone else) to step up and lead. Scientist Mathilde Krim said “Growth requires curiosity to experience both the difference and the synchrony, to explore and immerse yourself in new surroundings, to be able to contemplate your experiences and get something out of them”. To simplify: doing the same old same old every day, not experiencing new things, not asking questions and not reflecting and learning from your experiences will stunt your growth. It will also block your leadership opportunities.

And leadership is anything but the same old same old. Greenleaf tells us: Every once in a while a leader finds himself needing to think like a scientist, an artist, or a poet. And his thought processes may be just as fanciful as theirs – and as fallible. Leaders are not superheros, they make mistakes, but they are willing to make mistakes, show their humanness and fully express themselves in the process.

Why Go It Alone?

In their book ‘The Accidental Leader’, authors Robbins and Finley write:

No one leads alone. Leaders who do their jobs are continually consulting with others. They are always plugged in to other people. They use others as mentors, as peer review panels, as confidants to bounce ideas off. They schmooze, they copy, they complain. They listen, they steal. Sometimes they just turn their dials down and relax with friends. Leading is a very social function, or you’re not doing it right.”

Why do so many new leaders feel they have to go it alone?”

Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. The western image of the independent male, making it on his own, conquering and winning with only his own wits and resources to rely upon has sadly and wrongly infiltrated the American male psyche. And it is destructive. Whether you lead a large organization, small company, a family or only yourself – another man coming alongside you to share ideas, thoughts and truths is crucial to your success. Not only is it helpful in increasing your chances for success, but it makes life more fun and interesting. It can also provide opportunities for you to pour ideas and concern into another man’s life. And isn’t that what a life well lived is all about?

So how does a leader reach out to a coach or mentor? How does a man move toward a friendship? For most, this is within 4 feet, but it sits just outside the box we call our comfort zone. So just as we tackle most projects, or how we eat an elephant (one bite at a time), we reach out, pick up the phone, send an email and ask. We give up the fear of rejection, the awkwardness we may feel and accept the certainty that the offer for a cup of coffee, a lunch date or a drink after work is probably making the other man feel the same. That is why it is called the comfort zone and why success only happens in the uncomfortable zone, on the edges, where life is hot.

I have met too many men who bemoan the fact that they don’t have friends, a lot of acquaintances but no real friends. They knows guys from work, or the club. Their wives arrange social outings with other couples and the women guide the conversations. I know men who attend the mens ministry program at their churches and temples, but never really find another man or two to really open up to. Friendships are risky and can be messy, but add a richness to life that can not be gotten any other way. Having a coach or a mentor is like adding another set of caring eyes to your life and work.

A true leader can easily list the many people who contributed to his success, knowing he could not have done it on his own. And the difference between a grumpy old man and a kindly elderly gentlemen is how many other men he can call ‘friend’.

If I knew I was going to live this long

If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.
Mickey Mantle,(attributed) US baseball player (1931 – 1995)
I’m not sure what other regrets a man like Mickey Mantle may have had at the end of his life, but this quote has deeper meaning than giving us a short chuckle. Wouldn’t it be great to go peacefully to your grave with no regrets and no remorse for what you meant to do or say and never got around to accomplishing. And since we have no idea when that time will come, the question needs to be restated: Wouldn’t it be great to never have a regret or be remorseful over something left unsaid or undone?
Another, lighter way of saying it is – “If I had only (fill in the blank) sooner.”
Not wanting to have any regrets, – this is not meant to be presented in a remorseful way, I am a firm believer that timing is everything and “when the student is ready the teacher will come”. Yet as a parent and coach I often find myself wanting to say “one day you are going to wish you had……..”
So what is yours? For me it would be; If I had only appreciated my wife more in our early years together. If I had only not ridden the horse that day. If I had only spent a little more time listening and less time talking. (still can do that). If I had only written more notes to my family (still can do that too). If I had only learned sooner about healthy foods. If I had only spent more time reading and less time watching television. In fact there is very little that I can’t start doing right now. Not too old, not too weak, not too stubborn. Truth is – the only thing standing in the way is me. No Regrets, No Remorse. Just doing it. Borrowing some cliche’s and looking back with a smile.

“You are strong enough for another five minutes.”

A sign at the gym read – “You are strong enough for another five minutes.”

How true I thought, but I saw it on my way out, already showered and dressed for the day.

Had I seen that inspiration a half hour earlier I would have given it another 5. Maybe another machine, maybe another rep, maybe another muscle group.

Only later in the day did I recognize that my strength was something I used all day long.

Am I strong enough to stick to my morning project five minutes more before I took a break?

Could I make one more prospecting call? Am I strong enough to get that yard work done instead of relaxing after work today. Am I strong enough to finish reading that book I started so long ago. Do I have what it takes to write that letter to my son that I’ve only been thinking about.

The truth is everyone of us is stronger than we think. We can reach higher, hold our breath longer, push ourselves a little further, challenge ourselves a little more and in the end – Enjoy ourselves and our life a little deeper.

Where would be a good place to push yourself a little further – where would a stretch feel right?