Reality is that in our post modern western world carrying a little debt is almost unavoidable – so we believe.  But when whole industries are created to separate us from our hard earned money – well,  something is just not right.

Banks make money on Mortgages – and the more often they can convince us that refinancing is a good thing the more money they can make. Just like when financing an automobile our focus is drawn to the monthly payment by the lender. Imagine how different it would be if we as a population simply re focused our  paradigm to the Total Payments  section of the lending agreement.

A 30 year mortgage equates to paying the bank twice the purchase price of the home and then a little more.  Does the interest rate or the monthly payment really matter? It does if you are only a shortsighted person, but as long as you plan on living in a home (as opposed to your car, a tepee or a retirement home) your cost of putting a roof over your head is a long term financial obligation.

Too good to be true is the constant phrase used by folks who have begun the process of getting 100% out of debt, mortgage and all, using the Money Merge Account.  You owe it to yourself to find out more.  Click Here to learn more about the company United First Financial and to get your F*R*E*E personal analysis.  My family will be out of debt in 6.2 years as opposed to the way we were going which would have kept us paying the lenders for 17+ years.

I have been in the financial services industry for 27 years, testing and researching debt since 1996.  While many other methods can be used – the Money Merge Account is the surest way to experience true financial freedom.

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