General Mills, Proctor Gamble and all the other food processors (I use the word processors rather than manufacturers purposely) have stealthily succeeded in changing the biological makeup of our taste buds.
If we are completely honest each of us can quickly create a list of  snack foods/fast foods/junk foods that we enjoy eating. Imagine Great Grandma coming by the house and all we had to offer were the foods on our list. After she was convinced that these items were edible there is a good chance that she would find the taste quite repulsive.
We often hear the term “it is an acquired taste” in referring to food and other individual styles and tastes. And no doubt with the growing abundance of snack foods/fast foods/junk foods we are acquiring tastes that serve the profit needs of the food processors but fall far short of meeting our health needs. As a child I recall the candy section at the local drug store. A normal height shelf with probably three feet in width devoted to candy and sugary products.
Compare that to the massive aisles of sugar laden candy we see in stores today. Then turn the corner and if doughy things are more to your liking there is the pastry aisles. Salty chips fill another large section. Now add in the whole row of coolers holding sodas and fountain drinks and its no wonder that the little corner drug store has become a large convenience store.
My #1 Point:  Our taste for these unhealthy items was acquired since an early age and the way in which our bodies naturally crave for the proper nutrients that it needs for health and survival have been altered by overuse of low nutrient  man-made products.
My #2 Point:  We MUST Re-Acquire the taste for healthy / whole / nutrient rich foods that feed our bodies to maintain the excellent state of health for which we were created. In order to do this we need to approach our dining tables with a paradigm of “what do I need to feed myself right now” rather than “what looks good”. Over time the two become the same as our bodies readjust to craving the right foods.
Action Item – experiment for yourself by catching your first thoughts and first choices when you are hungry and choosing what to eat. Is it a pastry or fresh fruit? A diet soda or a yogurt? A handful of M&Ms or a handful of almonds?  Now – take control of your thoughts and purposefully choose the healthier choice (not sure what the healthier choice is? Lets Talk!) While these healthier food items may not at first tingle your taste buds – chew well to obtain the natural sweetness and give it time – “its an acquired taste”.
Do this for a month and see how your taste buds adjust. It may take longer but while your taste buds adjust you will also be noticing some feelings of better health.

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