It’s never easy to break free from the course we find ourself on, to change the path we are traveling.

Is it the right path? One of my own choosing? Am I truly challenged? Am I finding myself unable to be the best I can be? Am I using all my gifts and talents?

Traveling alone, it is difficult to see a clear path, to determine a plan and then muster the discipline to make the necessary changes.

Some of us are overwhelmed with the confusion and chaos around us, paralyzed, unable and unaware of where to begin to take control.

What do we do when our home no longer provides a sense of peace, pleasure or ownership.
Where do we turn when our relationships are a constant point of tension and frustration?
How do we react when our office has become a place we can’t seem to tame and it is costing us money.
How does it feel when our life is off balance and fulfilling.
Where is the excitement when we are chasing after dreams that were never our own.

What small thing could we change – Right Now – that will set our course straight?
What difficult thing have we put off time and again?

> Where has our pride kept us from asking for help?
> Where has stubbornness undermined our relationships?
> Where has cloudy vision kept us in the dark – not seeing the possibilities?
> Where has ‘doing it my own way’ held us back from real prosperity?

Maps and Blueprints / Visions and Objectives
A Person Needs To Be Certain the Path They Are Following, The House They Are Building, The Life They Are Living – Is Worthy of Who They Are.

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