Are you just passing through or enjoying each moment

I travel for business and find myself in a variety of locations, some more exciting than others. Often my path crosses other road warriors and it surprises me how unprepared they are to enjoy their travels. Personally I lean toward outdoor activities, search out hiking trails or swimming beaches. Its easy enough to toss in a pair of hiking boots or swimming trunks.

Most cities have a local museum or art gallery, arboretum or botanical garden. I hesitate mentioning the mall since shopping is the common default for most travelers.

After a while time of the road becomes repetitive, redundant, and boring, if you let it. It is also an opportunity to step out and experience something new. I once staffed an exhibit booth at a professional association meeting held at a resort hotel. There were long hours of down time when the exhibit hall was not open. The looks from the other exhibiters was a mixture of envy, surprise and confusion as we walked past them on our way to the water slide park. It took a little prodding to get my co-worker to join me but it turned out to be a memorable time he won’t soon forget.

Take the plunge, plan ahead, pack properly and enjoy!! Live intentionally with a view for new and exciting. Avoid looking back with regret.


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