Debt Reduction is for Everyone

There is an avalanche of offerings recently from companies that claim to be able to consolidate, negotiate, reduce, settle and eliminate a persons debt load.

This is exciting for anyone who owns a home. Unfortunately many people will overlook these offerings since they fail to recognize themselves as a candidate for this service. The fact is that if you still are paying a mortgage you have debt and could benefit greatly by paying your loan off quicker. Wouldn’t it be better for the interest you are giving to the mortgage company to go into your retirement savings?

The bad news in all of these offerings is that a person must be astute in understanding the difference between the processes of ‘consolidation’ versus ‘negotiation’ versus ‘elimination’. It is another case of Buyer Beware and the necessity to be wise and educated about the choices you make.

I will discuss the differences over the next few days.

Be wise and have fun!

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