Men in the Battle of the Bulge


Our wives and our daughters need our help.

The struggles they face, not unlike the battle we are waging, is proving overwhelming to them and they are losing the war.

The outcome of this defeat is a lifetime of unhappiness, frustration and disappointment. Financially it will effect them and you with a small fortune of direct and indirect costs.

I want you to calculate the damage of this conflict working from a large circle inward to a smaller circle. Begin by making observations as you are out in public. Move inward to observing your workplace. Come further in by considering your family, first the extended family then your immediate family. Finish by a close observation at the body in the mirror.

Here is what you should be calculating through your observations. What percentage of the people that you observed in each of these locals are overwieght? Obviously we aren’t here for exact science – was it 25%, 50% over 50%?

Think about that reality. A person in today’s affluent American society has a great chance of being overweight and malnourished while millions of people around the world literally die of starvation. Realize that I said malnourished. Yes – overwieght is not a sign of being well fed – its just a sign of being over fed. The lack of nutrition in much of our food supply is one of the main culprits causing the obesity problems we face. And we are all together in facing these problems.

The reason I address this to you as men is because, (and maybe many of you are already on the front lines) in a traditional setting wives often make decisions around the food choices, menus, and working with the children around topics of diet and exercise.

Guys – we as family members and we as a society are losing this battle, mostly because we fail to recognize and name the enemy. If we are to wisely enter this arena and come out a winner we need to know the enemy. Some will say it is our body type, others will point to our metabolism. We can blame our sedantary work and home environments, labor saving devices and endless amount of mindless entertainment. But that is nothing more than making excuses, rationalizing our behaviors and passing the blame.

Peter Walsh in his book – “Does this clutter make my butt look fat?” correctly labels the problem – we are fat. Not obese or any other term that can allow us to disown the problem. If we don’t own the problem and take responsibility it is easy to consider it a medical condition and look toward the medical community to give us a pill to make it go away.

This is to the men out there who need to step up and help, encourage, lead by example and assist our loved ones in creating an environment of healthy eating and healthy living. This can be a tough place to go so it will take courage. You may find that silence is the first step. Covertly making decisions about shopping and menus and food choices without speaking a word of your intentions. Simple words of encouragement or no words at all. This is not a competition, men will lose weight quicker than woman so the deck is unevenly stacked. Be an encourager, a gentleman with kind compliments and smiling eyes. Help the women in your life learn to love who they are right now, while you lead by example in the expermentation of new habits.

More to follow – comments welcome and encouraged.

Sincerely yours, Steve

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