The Five Rules of Traveling and Life

James Michner in his well known best seller The Drifters tells
the story of a group of 20 somethings who  meet and travel together
in Europe and beyond. Each chapter begins with a series of quotes
that make it worth the read all on their own.
I first read the book 30 years ago. Amongst all the quotes the 
Five Rules of Traveling are one of those profound thoughts that
have remained with me over the years, a template to live life by.
If you are a citizen of this world then you are a traveler who might
gain some insight here as well.   So I give you the 
Five Rules of Traveling along with my personal interpretations.  

Eat anything containing wild rice  A simple but wise reminder that
eating wholesome and natural foods should be a central part of a long,
happy and healthy life - Stick to the basics when it comes to food.
Fancy sauces, elegant feasts, all you can buffets and over processed
items all lead to ill health and rob us of enjoying all life has to offer.    

Never play cards with a guy named Doc The world is an exciting
place but being naive, gullible or ingenuous is not an excuse. Knowing
the rules and knowing the players is the first rule to being in the game.
Then realizing that there may be no rules and there is more to the
players than you first thought is a sign of maturity. Trust is important
in life but as a wise prophet once instructed "Tie your camel first, then
put your trust in Allah"  

Never eat at a place called Mom's While this might seem similar to
the wild rice rule it takes us a little further in considering all the things
that come into our lives. While food nourishes our bodies, Thoughts feed
our minds and relationships enrich our souls, We need to be fully aware
and fully responsible to make sure  that the thoughts we entertain are
not damaging to our energy and our actions and that the company we
keep is not toxic to our life.  Just because Mom said so is no reason not
to make wise choices on what we let in and around us and those we

Clean your clothes at every opportunity  Cleanliness is next to Godliness
and in this time of rampant bacterias and super viruses we would be  wise to
consider the importance of not only looking good but actually being good with
our hygiene and  other matters dealing with health and safety. Wearing seat belts,
not drinking and driving, watching our speed, keeping our important papers and
information secure, staying organized and keeping personal what is personal are
all part of  not letting stupid preventable things mess up enjoying life  

Never refuse an offer of sex So after all the previous advise of caution and safety
this rule might seem truly out of place. But get your  mind back under control and
see the meaning of sex as analogous to opportunity, calculated risk and a chance
to experience new things. We are reminded that life is meant to be lived and while
we all have to die someday not everyone makes an effort to really live. We should
make certain we live life and live it to the fullest!    

There you have it – now go out there and Live Real!

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