McDonalds Real Fruit Smoothies – Really??

While I dislike government regulations as much as the next guy, there is one industry that really needs to be harnessed, regulated, gagged or just plain legislated to be honest in what they say.
The food industry has taken the role of providing nutritional intake to the people. Actually – that’s not true at all. The food industry has taken the role of providing their stockholders with regular and growing returns on their investments (ROI) – nutrition be damned!.
My thoughts on this will be shared in future posts but as we see the end of summer looming I thought to comment on the phenomena of the frozen fruit drink that many of our popular fast food establishments have added to their “Healthy Choice” menus this summer.
In a conversation I had with a young employee at a McD’s recently, I asked her what exactly was in the fruit smoothies? She was quick to tell me how they recently discussed this at an employee meeting and she was excited to share the literature while she told me it was all natural fruit. Once she had the literature it was easy to point out to her the ingredient list which had sugar as the 2nd third and fourth ingredient in each of the fruit flavors. She was surprised to see that, especially as it was written clearly on the sheet the company used to promote the healthiness of the product.
Ingredients are listed in the order of quantity – the ingredient which is the largest volume comes first, second largest by volume second and so on.
I looked up the ingredients on line and found that a McD’s 12 oz Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothie has 48 grams of Carbohydrates and 44 grams of Sugar. A quick look at a government Daily Recommended Intake chart (and I welcome corrections to my analysis) shows that an adult male or female should have about 130 grams of Carbohydrates for a whole day and that while sugars do not have a recommendation they should constitute no more than 25% of our energy intake.
My biggest motivation for not ordering from a fast food restaurant is usually the employees and the patrons. Look around and decide how you will choose to feed yourself. We need to be eating to provide nutrition and to enjoy the fellowship with others when we “break bread together”. Enjoy the conversation more and let the food maintain its place as a sustainer of life and a healthy constitution.


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