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My name is Steve Fine.

Steve Fine

All of my life I have been a student of success and a teacher of stretching. Stretching toward goals, great relationships and a fulfilled life.

My good fortune was to have excellent teachers and mentors.

I have also worked with the best. As a salesman, manager and trainer – I have learned from and taught many high achievers.

My wife Cyndi and I (married for 33 years!) served six years as workshop leaders of Marriage Enrichment – “Making good marriages better” and now serve as video presenters for “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”. Through the National Center for Fathering I was trained as a facilitator of “Foundations in Fathering” and have lead many men through this excellent program. I am also a Stephen Minister and for five years taught a life skills program to folks who have lost their way in the world.

Next to my marriage, my next greatest achievment is the three children we have raised. As adults, spouses and parents they are the best example I have of learning something valuable along the way. They are amazing!

As a business owner, I have tasted success and failure.

From my mother I learned organization
From my father I learned work ethic and a love of education From 30 years in the field of finacial & estate services I understand and teach these important skills
From Dan McBride I learned persistence and success skills
From Todd I learned outdoor survival and ropes work
From study, trial & error I have learned about staying fit and healthy living
From Bob Proctor and Gerry Roberts I learned the importance of vision.
From my kids I learned to take time and what is really important in life
From my wife I continue to learn about the man I want to be

I would welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way that I can.

My practice focuses on working with men (but not exclusively) and our relationships

  • Our relationship to our selves and our physical bodies
  • Our relationships to our families as a husband and father
  • Our relationships to our money
  • Our relationships to society and friends
  • Our relationships to our God

Living Real to who we each were individually and wonderfully created to be.
Email me using the form below. I will then give you a call and after a short conversation you can decide if we can work together to help you achieve the life you deserve.

To your journey,


Statement of Believe: 

I believe in a sacred relationship between God Almighty and humankind and that there is a proper and just  response to being a benefactor of  that relationship.
I believe that this sacred relationship was forged by Jesus the Messiah when he allowed himself to be sacrificed, the truths of which are written in sacred texts we call the bible.



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