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Authentic Manhood

Whether a man is an employee or an employer, is married or single he is a leader & needs to come to an understanding of who he is in the world, how he is wired and how to live true to his emotions, desires and responsibilities. Being anything less than who he was created to be takes away from the joy and success of all his endeavors and relationships

Every man is a leader, whether he leads an organization, a family or himself, a man carries an awesome responsibility.

Men need respect. Just as women need emotional security, men need to know they are respected.
How we go about getting respect is where many of us really mess it up.
You can’t demand respect, that’s just fear. You can’t ask for respect, that’s pity.
Respect is earned over time and there is a price. But it is the best fee you will ever pay.

Marriage and the responsibilities that go with it are overwhelming. If done wrong it can be crushing and destructive. If done well it is the greatest pleasure and sense of fulfillment a person could ever experience.

If you have been faking your way through your role as a husband – let’s talk. This is too important for your life and to who you are as a person to just get by each day.

You are responsible for your wife, her happiness and the strength of your marriage – Get It Right!

What an awesome honor it is to raise children. Nowhere will you see the wonder of life more than through the eyes and heart of a child. Nowhere will you feel more important than in the arms and in the words of your child saying “I love you Daddy”.

And yet without help, guidance and instruction we can really mess up this responsibility. The consequences of faltering in this role as a Dad are very serious, both to our children, ourselves and the whole family. No where will you find greater rewards than being a great Dad. – Get It Right!

Let’s talk about these most important parts of life – Leader, husband, father, son. What does it mean to be Real? Authentic? True to who I am as a Man?!

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