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Combat Coaching

While many approaches to coaching, personal development and professional growth take a smooth, slow changes, one step at a time approach – there just comes a time when you’ve got to make things happen.

Sympathetic emotions and empathetic words have a place in many situations. But if you’ve been too easy on yourself and your dreams keep slipping away – it may be time to get tough on yourself.

The human body and the human spirit can endure far more than we in our cozy western world even come close to. Incredible feats are accomplished by those who seem to have so many odds stacked against them already. (check out the ParaOlympics as an example)

Combat coaching is a more direct method to achieve what you want in life. Implementation of strict routines and tracking that get right at the heart of the issues you wish to change and improve.

Some times we need to get at the far opposite end of the see saw in order to balance ourselves out. If you have gone to the far end of the spectrum in your behaviors and habits, a period of time spent in the exact opposite behaviors will cause a balance to be created, a middle ground where you can be healthier and more effective.

If you think you’re tough enough – then Combat Coaching may be the approach for you.

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