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How Coaching Works – leadership begins with Us

The truth is – we were not meant to go it alone. Man always existed as part of a community, a squad, a team, as one of a unit of friends, camaraderie, partners. The post modern industrial age has brought about the strong male image as the ideal – and it just isn’t working very well. We’d like to think of ourselves as independent, not needing anyone’s help. Reality is that any man who has achieved any true level of success in life or business relied upon others all along the way.

Coaching is about bringing in another man who can offer a new perspective while keeping you on target. A guy to bounce ideas off of, a mentor to learn from, a trail guide to steer you through the path of your life. A Coach is someone who brings clarity to the situation and helps you focus on the important things in life. A Coach keeps you from falling, failing and getting lost in the minutia of the moment.

Coaching occurs during a scheduled time in person or by phone, continues via email and includes homework, reading and planning each week. Coaching moves along at your pace and the objectives to be reached.

Combat Coaching is another option for those with no time to waste.
Lets get it done – quick and direct – no holds barred – 3 twenty minute phone calls per week along with tools and emails. This may be painful but it will be effective. No Whiners.

Whether you Lead a large organization, corporation, small business or only yourself – it all begins with Leadership.

In the book “On Becoming a Leader” author Warren Bennis writes:
I believe that everyone is capable of self transformation. Becoming the kind of person who is a leader is the ultimate act of free will, and if you have a will, this is the way.”
Later he writes: ” At bottom, becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It’s precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult”
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