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One 2 One

Just like it says. It you, me and your life meeting together to creatively, lovingly and firmly do the work that is needed to make you more you. More of who you were created to be which leads to the only true lasting success.


ColorLakeSmallWilderness Coaching

Being away from the noise of the world is the best method to gain clarity and vision. This is a one on one time of discovery and planning with the goal of accomplishing a Life Plan and specific action for the next 6 to 18 months. We will surround ourselves with the beauty and wonder of the woods for a 40 hour weekend (or week day) retreat to provide you with the  vision and strategies to lead the next stage of life in a whole new way. Applications for the 2013 summer season are now being considered. Click here for further information.




combatSmallCombat Coaching

An option for those with no time to waste.
Lets get it done – quick and direct – no holds barred – 3 twenty minute phone calls per week along with tools and emails. This may be painful but it will be effective. No Whiners.




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