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Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid

mistakeI saw a great movie this weekend and during the movie I was already thinking of who I wanted to tell about it, who would enjoy it.
It is not unusual for us as caring human beings to want to share with others the good things we find in life. Not only does it benefit the other person but it also increases our own enjoyment a second time.
That is why, even though I work to serve my community as a coach to leaders and professionals, I must continue to spread the important news about Estate Planning.
For many years prior to pursuing my dream of being a coach I was an educator about proper Estate Planning. This is an uncommon area of knowledge. As a society we often hear of financial planning and how to grow our wealth, but seldom do we hear about how best to protect our estate & provide for those who will have the task of taking care of our affairs when we no longer are able.
This is a specialty area, and while many people have opinions and stories to share – it is your responsibility to learn and take action, for your own well being and as a proper gift to those you love.

The two page report – Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid – can be downloaded by clicking the link below. A more detailed report will follow. I encourage you to set aside time to learn about this important matter that all of us will one day face.

Click Here for your copy of  – – – Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid


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