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Career Coaching – fieldguide

It is a Jungle out there and with millions of Americans out of work the job market has become even more competitive.

Whether you are searching for a white collar, blue collar or no collar type of career it is survival of the fittest where Only The Strong Survive!

Don’t jeopardize your chances at an interview and a job by messing up on the basics!

I have combined my 12+ years working in the employment industry into a How-To manual for the job hunter. This is a no holds barred Field Guide explaining the what why and hows of a successful job seeker.

The Job Hunting Field Guide discusses the basics and guides you through setting up the consistent daily activities that create a structure for success.

Go to to order your copy today.

If you order your Field Guide through this website – email me back at and we will spend 45 minutes in a phone coaching session to help you get started.

Let’s make this happen!

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