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Our Relationship To Our Finances

The first rule in developing a proper attitude toward money is accepting the truth that it is not yours. The financial resources that you now possess are only passing through your hands, to be used, to be stewarded and to then flow to others. Often it is how well you steward what you have already been entrusted with that will determine how much more you will get in the future.

Developing a healthy attitude to the responsibility of having money, earning money, investing and spending is an important key to a life of stress free financial freedom. This is especially true in a marriage where each partner has their own ‘Money Personality’ that needs to be understood and respected.

Is it time for you to take control rather than being controlled by your finances? This process begins with an honest look at how you view money and the relationship and values you put around money. Our goal will be to co-create an action plan to improve your current situation and a forever plan to set the stage of financial freedom for the rest of your life.

Let’s spend some time discovering whether we can work together to improve your relationship to your finances. If you are married we will do this as a team of three.

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