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Nine Things Every Guy Oughta Know

9 Things Every Guy Oughta Know

is a book that I know you’ll find entertaining

then come back and join the conversation by adding your own thoughts and ideas

Here’s the table of contents and some excerpts from the book

  • His way around a gym
  • How to talk with children, pets and other small creatures9_Things3dsmaller
  • How to give directions
  • Some toolbox basics
  • How to buy gifts
  • Some things about first aid 
  • The basics of eating well
  • How to give a foot massage
  • Rules on proper tipping

 Look around the gym – you’re sure to find some guy with huge biceps and skinny legs. Don’t be that guy. Work it all – move around, find the places you are weaker and turn those into your strengths.”

 Our deep male voices are powerful. They command attention, display authority, encourage, discourage, build up and put down. Training our voices by increasing our vocabulary and learning to speak with surety, (dropping the ‘Um’s) is a good practice for all of life. Learning the proper pitch, cadence and volume for the situation, as well as knowing when to talk and when to shut up are crucial for success in life.”

 No one was born with faucet changing skills and yet everyday we probably interact with water faucets a dozen or more times. If you are willing to learn, almost all home projects are DIY, (do it yourself).”

 Steve had enlisted the help of a shop owner to look for the item. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help” explains this wily gift giver, “I often say to a clothing store or gift shop owner ‘let me describe someone to you’. They love being a part of my search, that’s why they are in the business.”

 You’re also going to receive the companion edition of

What Every Man Needs To Know

A serious talk about those

unavoidable issues

with which we need to come to terms WhatMan3dsmall

 Everyman needs to know where he comes from
 Everyman needs to know where he is at now
 Everyman needs to know who his friends are
 Everyman needs to know how to use his tools
 Everyman needs to know where he is headed
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