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Job Hunting Field Guide

Do you feel like a mouse on a treadmill, searching the internet, reading the want ads, filling out applications and waiting for the phone to ring? Let’s face it
It’s a jungle out there!

Dear Friend,

With the economy barely recovering and unemployment at an all time high its hard to imagine that any company is hiring. But they are!

Everyday people are going to work, starting new jobs – Getting Hired!

These are the winners! They aren’t any smarter or more skilled than the 3,000 other applicants who applied for the job – they just had a better system for the hunt.

In this battle the spoils go not to the strongest but the one who is most prepared to act quickly and is ready to take advantage of each opportunity.

How do you make it to the top and survive the first second and third go around?

How many applications and interviews will it take before you find your next career?

This is no time to sulk and sit back

Drenched in your pity party.

This is time to find out what you are made of.

This is a time to show yourself and your loved ones that you will not be put off by the doom sayers but that you will take intelligent and systematic actions to capture a job and bring home the bacon.

The Job Hunt field Guide is a foundational manual which will help you get equipped, physically emotionally and mentally for the biggest job of your life.

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You will learn:

  • The most powerful tool for the job hunt
  • Why a Balanced Life is important to your success now and forever
  • How to use assertiveness to become memorable and hired
  • How to track your progress and not let opportunities fall through the cracks
  • If you need a Personal Growth Statement and how to use one
  • Which type of Resume is best for you
  • The Key Elements of a winner resume

Recruiters all over the country are overburdened with job applicants. Their first duty is to sort through all the resumes and applications and TOSS THEM OUT!

That’s right – they aren’t looking for the best they are looking for a simple reason to toss each one away. Only the strong survive. Only the best, completed, memorable, stand out from the group, attention-getting applicants get a chance to interview. If that isn’t you – you may as well go buy a lottery ticket.

In the Job Hunt Field Guide you will learn how to use an incredibly powerful weapon to build top of mind memorable experiences in the mind of the recruiter. This one tool alone can make the difference between bagging the big game and being eaten alive.

Immediate Download – Instant Access!

The importance of a well-crafted resume is crucial (and is covered in the Job Hunt Field Guide) and a killer cover letter is the icing on a cake that needs to be iced. But even with these two documents, the job market is still a jungle and survival skills are crucial if you are going to be a winner

Resume writing services will guarantee your success at landing an interview, after all, they have years of experience writing resumes. But the resume is only one weapon in the arsenal, and it’s the same weapon everyone else is using. To be successful in this hunt, to be successful in your job search will take a solid foundation of skills, habits, and commitment. The Job Hunt Field Guide is your answer to learning and using the actions needed to be a winner.

This book was not written by a writer, journalist, author, or marketer. I have worked in over 25 professions and jobs and only been fired twice. From loading trucks and short-order cooking to professional sales and owning a variety of businesses, I have experienced all sides of employment.

I am an experienced job coach and mentor with over 15 years in the employment business. Having owned my own staffing business I have interviewed 100’s of employers and recruiters, learning what they look for in a job applicant. From no collar to white collar, managers and executives, I have been given the opportunity to mentor and coach them through their career transitions. As the director of a non-profit organization I have taught Life Skills and Job Search Skills to hundreds of ex-prisoners, chronically unemployed people and the disabled.

The Job Hunt Field Guide is a culmination of what I have learned in my own job hunting experiences and in mentoring and coaching others. The most important thing I have learned is that most people are hurting their efforts and the help they get from government agencies and job services only make it worse.

I invite you to order your copy of the Field Guide today. If you follow all the steps laid out, work the program, consistently put forth the effort – You will increase your chances of landing the perfect job for you a thousand times!

To your job hunting success,

Sincerely yours,

Steve Fine

Immediate Download – Instant Access!


P.S. As the economy continues to pick up and companies continue to rehire and rebuild their work forces the cost of the Job Hunting Field Guide will also increase. This low price can not stay low forever.

The Job Hunt Field Guide is crucial to your survival and your hunting success during these tough times.

Beginning your job hunt without the Guide can be fatal!

Immediate Download – Instant Access!


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