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The Business of Sales

The noble profession of sales requires a unique personality. One that combines the love of people, the excitement of something new each day and the risk of playing a game in which we can win big or possibly lose.

A commissioned salesperson is an entrepreneur, self employed even if your company sees you as theirs. Your success or failure depends upon what you bring to the game each day. And the salesperson without a plan and a backup, someone in their corner, is like a ship without an anchor.

I have spent most of my life in sales & have a strong admiration for this profession and the men and women that devote their efforts to bringing new ideas and new products to the world. Much of my time has also required me to be away from home – a traveling salesperson.

It is a unique individual who regularly packs a bag and goes out on the road to provide an income and a living for their family and self. The romance of a new city, the adventure of airports and rental cars, unfamiliar roads and uncertain hotel rooms. The danger of dining alone and entertaining one’s self in a lonely city away from the familiar.

I understand the challenges one faces – the business challenges and the personal challenges. Let’s work together to help you meet and defeat those challenges and become the best person you can be, realizing your full potential in all areas of your life.

Personal one on one coaching

And a class to help refresh & master the basics –

Sales & Marketing 101an interactive & action orientated group coaching class to learn, understand & implement the foundational keys to effective Marketing & Sales skills. Skills every successful business leader knows & uses daily for above average results. Open to women & men leaders & those that want to be. 1.5 hours per week for six weeks


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