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People Hate To Be Managed But They Love To Be Coached!

When a good singer wants to become an opera singer – they hire a coachgolfCoach

When a good golfer wants to become a pro golfer – they hire a coach

When a good skater wants to become an olympic skater – they hire a coach

When a good employee wants to become a great employee – they look to their manager (?)

We all know from one experience or another that to go from this level to that level, from being okay to being really good, to go from being good to being great, requires doing things in a different way. And there is certainly truth in the saying “too close to the trees to see the forest”. But you see it don’t you!!

You can see the different ways that something can be done in another person’s life or career. And if we don’t see it just yet, do we have the skills to help them flush it out? Do we have what it takes to go beyond being a ‘boss’ to becoming the sought after leader with the skills of a coach.

The reality is that People Hate To Be Managed But They Love To Be Coached!

When you want your employee or staff member to become better at who they are and what they do you have an opportunity to become their coach! Certainly you can manage them, give them some advice, a list of things to do, a book or article to read, all better options than being frustrated, irrate, or firing and hiring anew. But the employee of the 21st century is not of the same mind set as the ‘worker’ of the industrial age. Wanting to be a part of something, to play an active participatory role in the growth and success of the enterprise is what keeps real talent and engaged employees.

Its been said that if you want better friends – you have to be a better friend, if your want better students – you have to be a better teacher, if you want better employees – you have to be a better employer, if you want better children – you have to be a better parent, if you want a better life – you have to be a better you.

And how does one become a better friend, a better teacher, a better employer, a better You? By being a person who knows how to evolve, learn and grow, & then help others evolve, learn and grow. You can use the learned skills of coaching, to help them see the potential of Greatness in all that they do and figure out the game that will help them reach that Greatness! It is a game that you, your staff and others can play to win

Just like anything beneficial and important in life – the skills of Coaching can be learned!

Are you ready to get in the game and help others Play to Win? Then let me teach you the skills you will need to Live Life Big on your Terms!

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