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Why Coaching?

What are you willing to Sacrifice on the Alter of Success?

Your health for wealth?
Your family for fame?
Your spirit for knowledge?

Or can you have it all?

Some of our country’s richest men lived alone and lonely.
Some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs die way too early.
Some of the worlds poorest people live happily surrounded by loving friends.

Achieving and Maintaining balance in Your Life
Is real success, real happiness and real peace.

Feeling a little off Balance? We Need To Talk!

The foundation of so much of our life rests upon our ability to have
these two areas in balance and under control.

Through Healthy Financial Fitness comes
Wisdom Clear Thinking and a Sense of Priorities

Through Sound Physical Fitness comes
Self Control Self Esteem and Self Confidence

These form a basis for all other successes in life, setting a positive role model for yourself and others

How often have you answered the question – “How are things going?” with “Busy, I’ve really been busy”?
Being busy is a badge we proudly wear in today’s society, as if being busy meant we are happy, successful or content.


The most successful people I know can easily fit a meeting or a conversation over a cup of coffee into their already full schedule.

HOW do THEY do IT?

Clarity of Purpose, Focus on Objectives, Keeping Promises
and Not relinquishing control over their Time, Energy or Activities to any one else.

If you feel like you are always trying to keep ten plates in the air, afraid one or all are going to fall if you fail to stay on it – We Need To Talk!

For Better or Worse
For Richer or Poorer          

In Sickness and in Health
Till Death do us part

If you signed on to this vow and things are not going as expected – Join the Crowd!
No one (who knew what they were talking about) said it would be easy.
But there is probably no greater reward to work toward than a happy, fulfilling marriage.

If you need some guidance in learning to “lead the dance” and “getting in synch” with your spouce
We Need To Talk!

Coaching is one person encouraging, motivating and guiding another. It is clearing away the brush from the path and pointing out the trail. It is a second pair of eyes on a problem or obstacle.

Coaching is being an honest friend when a friend is needed.
Coaching can be a kick in the seat of the pants – when needed and asked for.
It is brainstorming and planning, creative and wild, concrete and controlled.

Whether you feel stuck, unsure, lost or confused – You are not alone.

Isn’t it time to have someone to walk along side you and be your guide, support, cheerleader and friend as you make your way out of the muck life has you in right now.

I would welcome the opportunity to see you become the person you were created to be, using all of your talents and gifts –

Living Your Purpose! – Living Your Wildest Dreams! – Living Out Your Full Potential!

To The Life You Were Meant To Live,


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